There's a Gaga at the End of that Rainbow

Wednesday, 9 May 2012 11:12:52 Europe/London

Gaga Rainbow Hair 1

What can you say about Lady Gaga? When it comes to fashion, hair and beauty, the girl just has no fear and here at Hairbomb HQ we think that is something to be admired. The ever fabulous Gaga was showing off yet another new look as she landed in Tokyo's Narita International Airport to start the Japan leg of her world tour.


Gaga has gone for some waist-length extensions in a rainbow of colours, which looks bloody brilliant on the singer, especially against the all black leather outfit she chose to greet her fans. Styled in a high top knot, with a long thick pony tail that cascaded past Gaga's hips, her new colour choices included purple, pink, neon orange, blue and her classic blonde.

Gaga Rainbow Hair 2

The Little Monsters were so excited to see their idol, many had dressed up in homage to the global superstar, which we just loved. Check out a couple of our favourites – isn't it nice that Lady Gaga really appreciates the efforts made by her fans, they clearly mean a lot to her.

Gaga Rainbow Hair 3

Gaga's visit to Asia hasn't been all wonderful – a Muslim group has declared that Gaga has no place in Indonesia (where she performs on June 3rd), accusing her or worshipping the devil, which is pretty ridiculous. A spokesperson for the Islamic Defenders' Front claimed “Lady Gaga insults all religions. Even Christians in Korea opposed her...She is promoting the worship of Satan.”

Gaga Rainbow Hair 4

There has also been a protest by a South Korean Christian organisation, where she has already performed, claiming she endorses homosexuality as the huge gay icon she is. I don't think she is just promoting homosexuality, she is just promoting being comfortable with who you are, and what is wrong with that?


We hope Gaga's tour continues to be the huge success it is and we can't wait for her next hair transformation.


-- This is Gems, Signing off!